Here's to fresh starts, do-over's, white flags, not-so-gracious bow outs, and second chances...hell, tenth chances. Here's to REDEMPTION, here’s to making a comeback…from broken spirits and weary bones, points made and lines drawn to last laughs and hitch-hiking all the way to the high road. We re-create ourselves; we decide how the story will end. Here's to thick skin and even broader shoulders. Here's to ENOUGH. Improvement needs constant cultivating. We rise up from our pasts and carry on. Convictions need a solid foundation to be built upon. Dig deep. Now dig deeper. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. Be better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow. Be a teacher, a good neighbor, and an honest friend. Set the bar, now raise it. Let your handshake do the convincing. Now back it up; twice. Exceed expectations but don't overdo it. Be unforgivably original. Drift to your own melody. Less is more, more is more; who cares about more? Care about today. Be worthy. Let down your guard. Have more firsts and less lasts. Make up your mind to be happy. Simplify. Strive for progress not perfection. Love down to your core, your marrow; don't be afraid to give it all away. BE AN EXAMPLE, and you shall never find yourself without.