NorthBound & Co. is a collaborative 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization amongst friends dedicated to serving those seeking recovery from addiction or other maladies of the spirit.

We are a community of diverse people committed to the proposition that everyone - no matter how broken, irrespective of their background, regardless of their history - deserves love, respect and comebacks. We recognize society's marginalized and invisible as our brothers and sisters who have lost their way.

We help provide a culture that meets the essential needs of our people, directly or indirectly, in a variety of sectors. We see to it that their medical needs are addressed. If they suffer from addictions or other maladies of the spirit, we introduce them to resources in the area. We connect them to social services and provide work-force skills so they can earn a decent wage and become self-sufficient. We offer re-connection with themselves and with others.

We cultivate an environment where, through these opportunities, our people can rebuild their lives their future and their self-worth. They can restore their hope, their dignity and their integrity. They can discover their potential, their purpose and their place in the world.

Our aim is that by the close of their stay with us, our people don't just recover ... they thrive.

We are a comeback community.